Dynamic modern content management system with integrated web store.

Datacart gives you the ability to build a website the way you want to build it. Add Headings to the menu, position the heading where you like (left to right), add Sub menu's and fly-outs as required.

We also offer a 'build to order' service (see Street Sounds) where we build your site, as you want it and connect it to our dynamic content management engine. 

You have a huge range of options including stock control, orders from admin (where you can vary the price), optional discount engine with percentage or fixed value, use one or use many times, minimum spend and or valid until date.

  • Single or Multiple domain managment from the SAME admin point
  • Add any content you like including YouTube video.
  • PayPal IPN integration so your customer do not need to pre register to buy, any customer making a purchase is aded to your database along with their address & delivery information.
Prices start at Just £10 per month (or £100 per year)  for a NON-Selling website, a site with a web-store costs £20 per month (or £200 a year).

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